Bandeau du spectacle d'Olivier Giraud - “HOW TO BECOME A PARISIAN IN ONE HOUR ?”

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The most successful show in english in Paris, approved by locals!

Hailed by the ’NEW YORK TIMES’ as ’Learning to be French through comedy!’, this english language comedy show in Paris has been a hit in France for a decade now. It built its reputation by word-of-mouth - a highly effective system as some 800,000 people have already seen it! Thanks to the show being a success in London, where Olivier performed regularly, the production took on an international turn and became more widely known.

"How to Become a Parisian in One Hour?" is a comedy show performed in English in a 600-seat theatre. The show is designed to entertain and educate audiences on the quirks, customs, and characteristics of Parisians in order to feel like a local in Paris. With humor and wit, Giraud takes on the role of a Parisian stereotype, providing a satirical portrayal of their lifestyle, attitudes, and unique way of life.

Throughout the performance, Giraud covers a range of topics such as fashion, dining etiquette, romantic encounters, public transportation, and the Parisian love for complaining. He playfully mocks the French language, giving humorous examples of common phrases and their true meanings in a Parisian context.

Giraud’s energetic stage presence, combined with his observational humor, keeps the audience engaged and entertained during 70 minutes. He incorporates audience interaction, inviting participation and creating a lively atmosphere. By the end of the show, attendees gain insights into the Parisian mindset, allowing them to better understand and navigate the city’s culture.

"How to Become a Parisian in One Hour" has been well-received by both locals and tourists (around 30 nationalities at each performance), offering an enjoyable and light-hearted experience that captures the essence of Parisian life. It’s a popular choice for those seeking a comedic and cultural experience in english but accessible to all, during their visit to the City of Light. After the show, you will feel like a local in Paris!

This is the ultimate hidden gem in Paris to enjoy the city of love!

> Please note that the show is not recommended to children under 16 years old