French Arrogance Production

COME & DISCOVER the smash hit show 100 % IN ENGLISH in Paris !

You love Paris but you think that Parisians are... different ?
You are completely right !
Do you need some help to understand Parisians ?

Don't wait and come to the training approved by more than 500 000 spectators !
Olivier Giraud will teach you everything you need to know in order to survive in the Parisian jungle.

After the show, you'll act like a real Parisian in every situation encountered during your trip : taxi, metro, restaurant, shop, night club...
Even your intimacy with your partner will never be the same !

You'll learn the typical Parisian language,
practice our facial expressions and how to use properly the famous "Ohlala".

You'll enjoy a night out in the heart of Paris, surrounded by Parisians and a multicultural audience !

Spectacle déconseillé aux moins de 16 ans